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His grip on my hair tightened almost painfully a few seconds later, and then he was coming in my mouth, his eyes clenched tight. Interspersed with his grunts were broken attempts of my name.

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My lover pulled on his pants and opened my bedroom door to reveal Jolie wearing her coat. Her voice barely reached my ears, and her eyes darted once over Chris's shoulder.

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My mind was currently focused on what he was doing to me, not keeping still.

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And when he continued to speak while placing soft kisses all over my breasts, using his free hand to push up the flesh.

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"Something about your attitude that day in the mall drew me to you. I'd watched you earlier, doing your window shopping.

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But they needed to be down there before the holiday in order to secure the deal they'd been offered for the condo rental. I reluctantly gave them my blessing and watched them drive off with smiles on their faces.

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