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She moves into an apartment with her high school friend Monica and takes up a waitressing job at Central Perk. Ross, who has had a crush on Rachel since high school, constantly attempts to declare his feelings for her.

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A deep moan echoed in my chest when he pulled out a rectangular, black box I kept in there amongst the variety of blankets.

Though not as tall as a large shoebox, it was the same width and length.

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His eyes had lost some of their spark, and his smile had fallen.

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He has apparently brushed it off.

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"When did you dedicate yourself to the lifestyle?" I lifted my chin, indicating the craftsmanship down below. "Who really turned you on to bondage and dominance?" He laid down kind of sideways on top of me, pulling my arms closer to the top of my head but still holding them in his grip while his cheek rested on my chest, my right breast cushioning him.

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I was just being nice when I saw you were looking at me.

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