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Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and a narrow chain fell tinkling down with two tiny rubber-tipped clamps swinging back and forth over my chest.

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Eyes closed, I took in several deep inhales and long exhales.

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" He gave me a soft smile when he tilted his head back and looked up at me. "It was almost five years since I had been intimate with anyone when I met you, Holly.

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His eyes locked with mine, and his Adam's apple bobbed as though in slow motion. "This man you love.

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They had moved closer to one of his sisters last winter, and everyone was gathering in Arizona this year. I was so excited to meet them in person.

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" "Seducing?" "Okay, yes, seducing you. I only wanted to bring you home where I knew you'd be comfortable.

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"Just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. " "Wow.

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And when he continued to speak while placing soft kisses all over my breasts, using his free hand to push up the flesh. "I finished my four years and got my degree.

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