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He saves JPEGs, makes formal image groupings, arranges them in Photoshop, projects them and finally traces and paints them. Where others see flesh, he sees line and form.

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I have always wondered how easy is to find a cute girl to fuck. Perkier tits are nicer but no a deal breaker.

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I had my doubts that I was too stubborn for him.

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His lips closed around the tip, sucking. I hissed and arched under him.

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"Because there is.

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For both of us. Because I could see from the sweat on his forehead and the overly-defined muscles in his arms, he was straining to maintain control.

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I had a reputation as a naughty girl to uphold, didn't I. But I realized I'd put him through a hell of a lot in the past few days.

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But I'd not imagined this.

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I-" "You're engaged?" I blinked at the rock on her left ring finger.

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" I gasped at his fingers on my hip now. Stroking my waist.

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