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Jolie paused in the doorway, worrying her lower lip while she looked around. Once she spotted me, she walked over with her head down and gingerly took my right hand in hers.

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There was another couple who came sometimes.

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" He kissed my head again. "Dirk didn't say anything, and neither did you.

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Knowing they'd miss the two special days next month, I at least tried to convince them to wait to leave until after Thanksgiving. But they needed to be down there before the holiday in order to secure the deal they'd been offered for the condo rental.

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I was weak and had to have you completely.

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I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me.

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He didn't let up.

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You not only are letting Dirk walk all over you, he's now pulling Jolie's strings so that she's manipulating you, too. " I shivered as the water started to get cooler, but I didn't want to get out.

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"After I proposed, I suggested that maybe we should elope. But Jolie was insistent that we have a regular wedding, like she's always wanted.

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