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America's Real Crisis This is what happens when Tinder gets boring and a woman experiments outside of her comfort zone. That fucking thing is one "let met talk to your manager haircut" away from being Brie Larson's stunt double.

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My hand shook when I reached out and touched the gold ring with the small teardrop-shaped diamond that kept sparkling because his hand was shaking.

"Please don't do this because I was pregnant.

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Looking up occasionally did help. I'd give Chris credit for that.

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So I stared back, studying the blue depths that grew brighter again in the light from the bedside lamp. I loved looking at them.

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Tonight, okay?" I nodded, somehow showing restraint when all I wanted was to hear about this woman.

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I shifted my gaze to his eyes.

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" "Hmm. Like what?" I shrugged.

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That's how I'd met Chris. I'd been running from the consistent annoyance of my roommate being gaga in love at our shared apartment.

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